Added 27/03/2012

Midas takes time to engage with the Design Community

Midas takes time to engage with the Design Community

The Sales and Marketing team at Midas has spent the last couple of months opening their doors to the Design Community to showcase what RIM and indeed what Midas RIM is all about. 

It is a continuous drive within the business to engage with Designers and Design Partners.  These high end service providers ensure that Midas and their processes are constantly challenged and driven to produce the highest quality mouldings.

The open days have provided an excellent forum to exchange ideas on state of the nation, new concepts and technology plus a great opportunity to build on existing relationships - and indeed create new partnerships.

Within all product development, design for manufacture is critical and Midas is keen to be involved as early as possible within the development stage.  We promote the sharing of knowledge to ensure that all ideas are cost effective, possible and also robust in the long-term

When producing high value items, ensuring you have an established and reliable supply chain is critical and Midas understands this. It is the support, creativeness and desire to constantly push our process boundaries that builds and maintains these long term relationships.